Aney' guide to server hosting

If you want to start getting into server hosting, system administration, or just want to get a basic minecraft/web server up for you and your friends, then welcome. We all start somewhere, and I would love if I could get your foot in the door.


This is heavily a WIP, so I'll be adding to this guide whenever I get time, and will update it's readibility, and correct/add anything missing once it's 'complete'. If I didn't put it up in an unfinished state, it would never go live, so bear with.

Basic Server setup

Now you officially own, and have setup a server. Currently all you can do is SSH into it though, so let's get some services on there

Nginx Webserver

A great first service for any server is a website, even if it's just a little page to let people know you own the server/domain name

MariaDB Database

A database is a great tool to store, access, and filter data. Typically used alongside a website, or other services, but can be useful standalone if you know what you're doing

Backup your server!

Backups are super useful. If something breaks, or gets accidentally deleted you can always use a backup to get it back

Run virtual machines

Virtual machines allow you to use your server as multiple servers at once, with different operating systems, services, files, etc. If you're self-hosting this is a great way to separate concerns, having one system for each distinct task.

Additional services/potential guides

Unless there is an anchor, these are all "TODO", and may just be omitted from this list

Useful tidbits

Additional Services

Game Servers

Additional guides

These are some guides for specific use-cases, that will aid with setting up