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Blog Thoughts

I've been having some thoughts about potential changes to the blog, including layouts, moving existing content, and such.

Seperate article types?

This was something I thought about when initially adding this blog, "what do I want on the blog". It was a thought due to wanting to add different variations of post, e.g. Traditional Article, Guide/Tutorial, Reviews, Thoughts (think twitter length posts), Recipes, etc. and I wondered how to do them. Did I want to have seperate /guides/, /blog/, /recipes/ sections, or lump them all together?

The easiest option was just to lump everything together into /blog/, and then start writing what I wanted to put onto the site, and slowly get some content in. I'm glad I did this as it's tricked my little pea-brain into getting at least some content up, but most of it sits in guide territory, and that makes it more difficult to find my actual articles/thoughts (very few as of now, but eh).

I have two trains of though in this matter. Which are:

If I do the former here, I can 301 (into 302 if 100%) the articles to their new locations, but I'm unsure for now, so experimentation is in order.


I honestly haven't put any thought into this at all, but as the blog page gets slowly filled with article links, I feel it's a little much for one page. If for instance I write 10,000 articles, that's a lot of searching, and more importantly a lot of page size that doesn't need to exist.

I am not using a blogging platform, nor a server-side language, or even a framework like Hugo currently, each page is entirely hand-written, so pagination will be a pain in the backside. For this reason it's on this list, as I need to figure out a decent way to do it, with it nightmare to do, and keep up to date.


A short thought. I could simply leave the pinned articles as-is, with a few articles in a seperate list without styling, or I could style them a little.

If the styling option is gone for, it'd be nothing hugely fancy, probably just 3 boxes with the title, and maybe even a background colour. I'm not sure how I feel about it though, as adding ~100 bytes or so to the CSS is unneeded, and the styling could posiblity redact from the rest of the blog page.