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About me

Who are you

I'm Aney, a developer, and self-hoster that enjoys art/design, automation, Unix, and those pesky Japanese cartoons. Yes, that's a straight up rip from the homepage, why re-invent the wheel right?

I set this website up as a means to share information to educate, and help people, as well as to easily point people to my answers for common questions.

What do you do?

I'm currently taking some time away from work, but looking for places I believe I'd be a good fit. I love solving problems, optimising sites, and creating designs/experiences, so I'm kind of a developer at heart.

Outside of work I practise minimalism, frugalism (to an extent), and work towards Financial Independance (FI/RE). I also love the idea of OneBagging, self-sufficiency, and travelling, so these are things I'm trying to work towards.

What else do you do?

Ok sure, I'm (extremely) slowly working on the basic infrastructure, and website for aNetwork, a gaming community, and public game server host. I'm also working on writing guides on server hosting, and web development.

If there's ever anything else, you can find out more on my projects page, or on my blog.

What do you own?

Following up on the minimalism, it seem you've almost got to do an "everything I own" to prove you only have 6 items in your possession. I'm not that bad, yet, but I honestly feel like that's like my little hidden goal.

I've got a few pages about this on the site, so if you do want to know, check out:

Why are you telling me this?

I figured it'd make for an easy introduction for anyone who stumbles across my site.