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Aney's Hardware

My everyday tech

This is what I use basically every day. It's either at my desk, in my bag, or within arms reach.

Daily Driver

Undetermined. I'm looking for something super thin, and light that runs linux for dev, and ~3-5 VMs.


Monitor: Philips E-Line 227E4LHAB 21.5" LCD

Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Lite

Mouse: Logitech MX Master

Microphone: Blue Yeti

Speakers: Logitech Z200

Backup USB: 64GB Sandisk

USB C Hub: Lemorele 6-in-1

Laptop Stand: Non-brand, basic-bitch stand


Mobile: Google Pixel 4a

Power Bank: 10,000mAh PowerAdd Pilot 2GS

Wireless Earphones: Tozo T12

Gaming PC

Red, a custom built machine sporting an R5 2600X, 16GB RAM, a 500GB EVO 970 NVME, and a Vega 64. This is my only device running Windows.

I currently still have this to play Windows exclusive games/games without Linux Anti-Cheat enabled (Smite namely) with friends. Once HiRez sort their shit, it's gone.

Steam Deck

I also have a Steamdeck, which will 100% be my gaming PC once games I need Windows for get sorted.

Media Consumption


A basic non-smart TV from the good ol' days. I got it for my 16th Birthday, around 10 years ago.

Fire TV Stick 4K

Since my TV is useless alone, and I don't watch traditional television, this is plugged in to give me access to Netflix, Amazon Video, and Jellyfin.

Amazon Echo 4

I don't use this for anything other than playing music. It stays next to the TV waiting for me to say "Alexa, play We like to party, by the Vengaboys."

Amazon Echo 3

Same as above, but this one's upstairs so the music plays uninterupted through the house



An HP 290 G1 MT, with an i5-7500, and 32GB RAM. This was my primary server, acting as my virtualisation host, NAS, adBlock, and media server. It also runs git, my game servers, and anything else I feel like hosting at the time. A consideration is upgrading to a 7700/7700K, but UK energy issues had me switching to RPIs for a while.


Besides what I've listed, I also have the following PCs;

I use these for one-off testing, and projects, but they are not permanent fixtures in my day-to-day life.