Aney's Network

I'm Aney

Somehow you've landed on my website, welcome!

I'm a developer, and self-hoster that enjoys art/design, automation, Unix, and those pesky Japanese cartoons.

What this, then?

It's my little place on the world wide web. It serves the purpose of being a one-stop location I can refer people to when they ask things, like:

Where are the pictures?

I've written this website with the intention to keep it minimal, quick, small, and easily self-hosted. I decided that there was little reason to bloat the pages with images, that add little value, as all they will do is prevent people with poor internet from visiting.

What else do you do?

I'm currently working on the basic infrastructure, and website for aNetwork, a gaming community, and public game server host. If there's ever anything else, you can find out more on my projects page, or on my blog.

Wow! You're so cool, how can I support you?

Thanks, although I disagree.

You can support me by sharing any posts, and/or pages you enjoy to your friends, or by donating to me via my Support page.